Fuck Texting

Seriously, fuck it. Pick up the phone and call.

“But dude, no one calls anymore. It’s weird if you call a girl now. Everyone just texts.”

Really? Does anyone text 911? You want me to text 911 for you while you’re crushed under a truck? So why text a girl when you can call her?

Look, I understand a text message is non-threatening and universal. Everyone does text. But just because it’s easy and simple doesn’t mean it’s always good.

You know what? I’m actually glad that texting is so prevalent. Because it makes a phone call that much special–no, much more special. What used to be a prerequisite task for dating has been elevated to an unexpected and unnecessary gesture.

That’s exactly what it takes to get the woman you want. Do something unexpected and unnecessary. If you do everything that is expected and necessary, what’s in it for her? Why should she feel special that you are pursuing her? Where is the sense of anticipation for her if you do all that is common, bland, easy and obvious?

So fuck texting and all that phone masturbation. Hit the dial icon for a change and actually use your manly voice, something that’s been biologically engineered and scientifically proven to attract females.

Take ten minutes for small talk, jokes, maybe even flirting. Bring the call to nice closing by asking her out on a date (or if you have already met her, the next date). Figure out the when and the where of that meet-up while you’re still on phone with her. You can opt to text her the exact venue on the day of or the day before, which is perfectly fine. Wish her a good night.

Now do your dance of victory, good sir.


  1. d in bmore

    i am a new reader to your blog and i’ve found myself laughing out loud a few times now reading your posts. you’re so dead on about calling. i’m a single girl and texting really sucks if someone is trying to get to know me or ask me out. there’s no emotion. no character. no feeling in a text. call me so you can hear me laugh if you said something funny. call me so i can tell you’re joking when you tell me you can see what i’m doing right now (a guy really said this to me once and he was standing outside my office). call me so we can hear how we sound and interact in a conversation. you build a connection that way. a human connection, not a digital connection.

  2. Joy

    I agree!!!!! Men think that can text you and not call. I hate it! Pick up the phone just a few minutes of hearing your voice matters and speaks volumes about how much you appreciate our connection.

  3. freddy

    Stimulate the senses, Talk & connect on a sensual level. I’ve been turned on by hearing a woman’s voice. Texts are an easy way to hide who u are